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Aluminium Oxide Crystals Electric Mittens Electric Booties
Microdermabrasion Crystals
We are confident that you will be extremely pleased with our premium quality Microdermabrasion Crystals.
Electric Mittens provides a delicate way to smooth hands texture from dryness and rough scalpy skin allowing a more vibrant surface and softer feel Electric Booties provides a delicate way to smooth feet texture from dryness and rough scalpy skin allowing a more vibrant surface and softer feel
Mini Ozone-Aroma Therapy Steamer w/ Easy Removable Water Jar & Protection Doors Hydraulic Stool Chrome Beauty Stool
The Mini Ozone-Aroma Therapy Steamer helps cleaning blackheads, acne, wrinkles and melanin also Accelerates blood circulation and strengthens skin tissue metabolism Hydraulic Stool offers a simple style with and easy to adjust height by simply pulling the lever to decrease the height level Chrome Beauty Stool is extremely one of the best styles of non-backrest stools that we have. It's hydraulic lever ranges from 17" to 23" to make your seating preferences easy and flexible.
Paraffin Machine

6 Quart Stone Massage Warmer With Analog Control

The Professional Stone Heating Unit is designed to be a key part of your hot stone massage treatment. The heater pan quickly warms stones to the typical operating range (125 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit). The easy to use dial control allows for fine tuning of the temperature setting. Available in 6 quart and 18 quart sizes.


750 watts
120 volts
60 Hz
2 pin plug
Inside height: 10.5cm
Outside height: 17cm
Inside diameter: 32cm
Outside diameter: 40cm
Inside circumference: 87cm
Outside circumference: 108cm x

Hydraulic Saddle Stool No/Back:
Height: 16"-21"

SkinAct's Paraffin Machine is used to heat paraffin wax which is used to relax and soften the skin, especially great for muscle aches
Trolley Service Tray With Timer Hydraulic Stool with Backrest
Plastic Trolley Service Tray with timer
Measurements: L 16" x W 15.5" x H 30" to 40"
Weight: 12 lb

36 Piece Basalt Lava High Polish Hot Stone Massage Kit


  • Creates a feeling of balance and harmony and gives deeper and longer lasting sense of relaxation
  • 36 Handpicked massage stones
  • 8 Large stones (back/leg)
  • 12 Medium stones (hands/arms)
  • 16 Small stones (neck/face)
  • Comes packaged in a wooden storage box
  • Increases cell metabolism, detoxification, cleansing and elimination and deep relaxation of muscles helps to alleviate stress and tension


  • Overall: 13" H x 8" W x 4" D
  • Overall Product Weight: 12lbs

Hydraulic stool backrest offers a conveniently way to work while you sit, including style and effortless functions

Three Level Plastic Trolley Cart Three Level (Shelf) Plastic Trolley Cart
The Three Level Plastic Trolley Cart is versatile, offering 3 level salon carts with a top and lower shelves Three Level (Shelf) Plastic Trolley Cart
Durable and ultra strong:
Space between Shelves: 11.5"
sizes: L 23.5 x W 13 x H 33
Create the perfect massage experience for your spa guests with the 45-piece Hot Stone Set. For only a small amount more than the 36-piece stone set, youll receive additional stones in extra sizes to fit specific areas of the body. This set includes the small, medium and large stones found in the 36-piece set, which are intended for the face, neck, arms, hands, legs and back. In addition, you get one extra-large stone for the stomach area, two pressure point stones for the neck and back, two eye stones, two marble stones for cooling and eight stones for the toes. This set creates an entire body experience. Each stone is created from natural basalt into a flat, oval rock that perfectly sits on the body to add heat and relaxation to any type of massage. The stones come in a bamboo box. Enhance your spas massages by ordering these stones today.
- 1 pc XL stones (Sacrum),
- 10 tones
- 12 pcs M stones ( Hands, arms),
- 12 pcs S stones ( Forehead, neck, face),
- 2 Trigger stones
- 8 pcs L stones ( Back, leg),
- Height: 3"
- Length: 7.75"
- Net Weight: 13.5 lbs
- Width: 14"

Wood's Lamp Facial Unit Plastic Cart Four Level Plastic Trolley Cart
Wood's Lamp Facial Unit helps expose different skin substances under its violet rays Plastic Cart is made with strong plastic materials and is very easy to clean.
Four Level Trolley Cart offers a modern design with four plastic bins and is surrounded with a metal frame base
Save space and keep your products and items organized with this Five Level Plastic Trolley.

18Q Professional Massage Stone Warmer

Infra red lamp provides heat for specific areas at the body, skin & hair. It aids in the acceleration process of absorption of skin nourishment's.
Hydraulic Saddle Stool Round 5x Diopter Magnifier Tabletop Lamp Square 5x Diopter Magnifier Tabletop Lamp
Hydraulic Saddle Stool is not only comfortable for long seating working sessions but also helps your inner thighs stay cramp-free for it's eccentric saddle style. Round 5x Diopter Magnifier Tabletop Lamp Square 5x Diopter Magnifier Tabletop Lamp
Round 5x Diopter Magnifier Square 5x Diopter Magnifier Sterilizer
Round 5x Diopter Magnifier Square 5x Diopter Magnifier UV Sterilizer is an essential piece of equipment for skin care and massage professionals to keep tools and supplies sterilized
Hydraulic Stool with Curve backrest Portable Mini Ultrasonic Skin Care
The metal base Hydraulic Stool with Curve Backrest offers professional style plus it's very comfortable
Prepare for a luxurious massage experience with this hot stone massage 60-piece kit. The kit includes a beautiful wooden box packed with Basalt stones that can retain heat for up to 45 minutes.

Hot stone massage therapy increases circulation, facilitating maximum blood for optimum body functioning
Increases cell metabolism, thereby increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins
Increases lymphatic function, increasing detoxification, cleansing and elimination
Deep relaxation of muscles helps to alleviate stress and tension
Creates a feeling of balance and harmony
Gives you a deeper and longer-lasting sense of relaxation
Basalt stone is an actual stone produced from volcanic eruptions
Practitioners of hot stone massage prefer these ancient stones because of their heat-retaining and energizing properties
Basalt retains heat for up to 45 minutes in larger stones
Box dimensions: 20 inches long x 8 inches wide x 3 inches high

Kit Includes

Three (3) X-large flat ovular basalt stones (1 for sacral, 1 for neck contour, 1 for stomach)
Six (6) larger flat ovular basalt stones (4 for backside, 2 for shoulder blade)
10 medium flat ovular basalt stones (4 for leg, 4 for arm, 2 palm)
6 small flat ovular basalt stones
8 small round bed beater/back layout
8 toes
6 small circular facial basalt stones
2 miniature pressure point basalt/deep tissue
7 chakra
One (1) Wooden bo

Portable Mini Ultrasonic Skin Care helps diminish wrinkles and remove excessive oil and dirt from the skin