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We carry the largest selections of steamers and magnifying lamps with the highest quality in the nation with great unbeatable prices. We have different varies of steamers: regular hot steamer with timer, digital, cold steamer and etc.
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Tabletop Magnifying Led Light with clamp Tabletop Magnifying Led Light with clamp Mini Ozone Steamer w/ Easy Removable Water Jar & Protection Doors
Econo LED Magnifying Lamp Infrared Lamp LED Magnifying Lamp 5x Diopter Magnifier
Moda LED Magnifying Lamp - Touch Control Brightening Adjustment System Round 5x Diopter Magnifier Elite Hair Steamer
Facial Ozone Steamer With Movable Arm Facial Ozone Steamer with Timer Digital Facial Ozone Steamer With Movable Arm
Facial Hot & Cold Ozone Steamer Elemento LED Magnifying Lamp Elite Digital Facial Ozone Steamer
Katana Facial Steamer With Aroma Therapy Digital Touch Screen Facial Spa Steamer Digital Katana Facial Steamer With Aroma Therapy
Ultra 2 in 1 Facial Steamer with Aroma Therapy Basket + Magnifying Lamp 5 Head Infra red lamp w / flexible arms Pro 5x Diopter LED Magnifying Lamp
Ozone Steamer / 5 Dioptor Magnifying Lamp & High Frequency Aroma Ozone Steamer w / brush & Magnifying lamp Euro Facial Steamer With Aroma Therapy, ozone, magnifying, lamp, compact, lightweight, wholesale
Digital Euro Facial Steamer With Aroma Therapy
There are many benefits of facial steamers on the skin. These can include:

Helps to soften plugs in pores for easy removal of dirt and dead skin debris.

Stimulates skin blood circulation allowing the skin to look refreshed.

Allows for deep cleansing, hence, soften, re-hydrates, and rejuvenating outer layer of skin.

Aid to open up clogged nasal and sinus passages.

By exposing your skin to warm, moist steam from recently boiled water from the kettle, an electric facial sauna, the gym's steam room, or by application of a hot compress (a flannel soaked in hot water, rinsed out and then placed on the treatment area such as the back and shoulders) will assist to deeply clean the skin.

The warmth from the steam will improve the skin's blood circulation, resulting in detoxification of the skin by removing any toxins built up in the skin. Other benefits includes delivering oxygen, water, and nutrients to the skin. It also can open up the skin pores and penetrates into the pores and loosens any blackheads and plugs in the pores. This softening and penetration makes it much easier to remove these plugs when exfoliating with a peel-off mask or a facial/body scrub. The end result is a deep cleansed, re-hydrated, and glowing skin.